Terms and Conditions

Entry into Perthshire Open Studios is subject to the following regulations. Please take time to read them in full before accepting them by ticking the box when applying. Note: ‘Perthshire Open Studios’, ‘the Company’ and ‘POS’ refer to Perthshire Open Studios CIC.

  1. Perthshire Open Studios reserves the right to decline any application deemed unsuitable for an event.
  2. Application for membership of Perthshire Open Studios Community Interest Company (POS), as defined by the Articles of Association must be made on the application form on the POS website during Registration period each year and the monies paid in full at the time of registration.
  3. Membership of POS includes a liability limited to £1 in the event of the Company being wound up, including for one year after ceasing to be a member, as set out in the Articles of Association.
  4. Evidence of membership will be sent to each member via email.
  5. Membership will last until the following year’s registration opens.
  6. The annual subscription for Individual membership in 2023 will be £50 per registered artist. For collectives: each artist exhibiting in a registered venue must be registered individually as a member.
  7. Members who wish to participate in the Perthshire Open Studios Festival or the Perthshire Creative Trail are required to pay additional registration fees.
  8. So long as members pay the annual subscription, they will remain members of the company and will enjoy the benefits of membership. If a member fails to pay the annual subscription in any one year, they will cease to be a member. Should they wish to rejoin in the future they may do so, by paying the annual subscription and making a new application.
  9. All paid up members of the company shall have a vote at any meeting of the members of the company. All members will have a right to receive a copy of the minutes of the general meetings of the company (not the directors’ meetings) and to attend meetings of the members of the company.
  10. Should the directors decide a vote can be taken by balloting all members.
  11. POS will base the production of the website and any advertising material on the information contained in the online application form. POS reserves the right to exclude, edit or decline any content deemed to be inappropriate or offensive. It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure all details are correct in the online application form at the time of submission. POS accepts no liability, direct or consequential, for any errors or omissions in its advertising and promotional material.
  12. The individual accepting these terms acknowledges they are responsible for arranging Public Liability Insurance for their studio/venue if opening it to the public.
  13. POS accepts no liability for damage to or loss of work, equipment or other property to or in the care of members or the visiting public or for injuries sustained by members, the visiting public or by any other person at the venue, whether exhibiting at their own venue or that of others. Members must satisfy themselves that adequate insurance is in place. Members opening their studio/venue must ensure their studio/venue is safe.
  14. As a CIC all monies remaining after the years activities will be rolled over to the following year.
  15. Should any activity be canceled by POS it is up to the Directors to decide if any refund to members is possible and how much.
  16. Should a member wish to withdraw from an event it is up to the directors to decide whether a refund can be made and to what extent.
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