Mrs Trellis from North Wales has written to complain that we call everyone an artist. So instead of playing my kazoo, my first blog as Chair of Perthshire Open Studios is to discuss the meaning of words! A poisoned chalice if ever there was one!

Putting aside metaphors and Radio 4 references, we do need to be clear – for Perthshire Open Studios, anyone who creates is an artist – that includes painting, pottery, textiles, photography, the lot. So, every member is an artist (or, if you must, a creative).

Our recent survey of members shows that there is an even split between painters (including drawing) and makers. 17 different types of making activity were reported. The most common making activities are: textiles 15; photography 12; pottery and ceramics 8; woodworking 6; and printmaking 6.

If we have to make a difference between those who paint and those who do other things, we talk about painters and makers. Yes, I know people make paintings, but the word crafters seems to have some baggage!

We are currently called Perthshire Open Studios – yes, we recognise that officially the county is Perth and Kinross, but let’s go with the current name when we need to communicate in limited space. 

Have a look at our new logos – all of which focus on the outline of Perthshire including Kinross! 

So, would you tell a ceramicist such as Ceri White or The Station Cat Pottery that they are not an artist?