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Designer Angus Ross works with waste wood created during sustainable management of local precious native broadleaf woodlands. These include wind-blown trees and carefully selected, individual trees felled to improve the bio-diversity and future health and resilience of the woodland. He provides workshop-based craft education and leads a team of highly skilled wood-workers hand-crafting furniture for homes, gardens and public places. Their specialist technique is steam-bending which allows them to coax air-dried wood into exquisite curvaceous components which are combined with traditional Arts and Crafts woodwork. Ross works mostly to commission creating narrative-rich curvaceous furniture.

Angus Ross

I’m Angela the owner of Artisanand, a gallery in Aberfeldy. When I find the time I love upcycling and re-upholstering furniture, creating textiles mainly working with Harris Tweed, making lampshades, decoupaging scallops or furniture, making felt jewellery, playing with air dry clay. I love trying new techniques and testing my skills with new challenges. During the Festival I’ll be running demos and have a range of pieces on the go so you can see the work in progress. I’m happy to discuss your projects too and make suggestions about some of the cheats I’ve found to make the work easier.

Angela Thomson

Two sisters living in Aberfeldy, we’ve created this stunning wee gem of a gallery and typically one of us is behind the counter. We have a gorgeous range of indoor plants alongside individually made works of art from across Scotland.

Edith and Grace

I’m one of 5 artists with a working studio within rural Glamis Gallery’s beautiful cottages. I fell in love with glass in the late 80s and have created ever since. Over the years I have made tiffany lamps, traditionally painted panels, windows and public sculpture for indoors and out. Fusing was a later addition – bowls, panels and decorative items. I have many awards for painting (oil/pastel) and was shortlisted for the Scottish Portrait Awards in 2022. I will have work in progress in both media during the event, unframed 2D, leather books, glass and more… In addition to creating artwork, I administrate the gallery and am a mature student, DJCAD! Some of the images attached are college pieces and though not the work my customers have seen previously, gave me considerable enjoyment meeting the brief! Beside us, we have a cafe, gin tasting and a shady woodland spot for letting your dog have a stroll!

Lesley Garside

My fascination with jewellery making has branched out into lost wax casting, vitreous enamelling, lapidary and devising new settings for gemstones. The dolphin pendant is from my Mother and Baby range with “edge setting” which holds the amazonite cabochon tightly and securely, showing the front and back of the stone equally. You will see a selection of my silver and 18ct gold jewellery. Colourful, various and themed, featuring an array of plants, animals, fossils and castles, together with gorgeous gemstones. Adam Stone has kindly invited me to join him for Perthshire Open Studios at his studio of wonderful bespoke furniture. The location is Greenburns Farm, Kettins, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH13 9HA

Ricky Pitcher

Did you ever get the feeling that there’s a book of “Appropriate and Acceptable Behaviour” that you don’t have access to? Or the, “Well we wouldn’t want to do that now would we?” book? Someone with a greyish beige face with lethally sensible shoes has a dungeon of them somewhere and won’t let us have a peek. So….. I invented my own stories. I sketch, I draw, I plan then print and voila – a stick story emerges with loads of curious behaviour from our human species. So please visit my quirky Riverlodge, sit on the balcony and watch life go by. Oh I also sell prints and cards and take commissions too. I look forwards to hearing your story…

Saira Acosta Diaz

I’m a Scottish artist who mainly paints landscapes. I’ve also worked for Oscar winning film designers, made huge mosaics and murals acted as the arts consultant for infrastructure projects. I spent 15 years working with my hero and mentor Alasdair Gray, notably on Òran Mór, the Hillhead mural and his proposed mural for the Scottish Parliament. I’m known for my series of murals telling the story of Tam o’Shanter. I’m currently building a 120m sculpture of a Beithir, a mythological Scottish lightning serpent in Glasgow. It will be made in steel and concrete with a mosaic covering. During the open studios I will be showing paintings, drawing, prints and working drawings from various projects.

Nichol Wheatley

I am a painter and printmaker who specialises in large oil and acrylic paintings of Scottish landscapes. I produce smaller watercolour paintings and drawings. I am inspired by the beautiful beaches in the Outer Hebrides and the familiar landscapes and wildlife in Fife. My current body of work ranges from large framed oil paintings to small water colours and tonal ink wash and pencil drawings.

Naoimh O’Shea