Perthshire Open Studios Privacy Notice to Members

What personal information we hold,
What we do with it and what we are planning to do with it:

Your information submitted during registration is the POS membership data base and for the creation of the POS brochure and website content.

What we are doing to ensure the security of personal information:

The information is stored digitally and protected with suitable security to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data.

What we will not do with your data:

Your registration and payment details will be used and stored by the relevant POS personnel and not be shared with any other parties.

Your business profile and pictures will be used for the sole purpose of the current year’s brochure and website. You will be asked for your consent to use any of your images for publicising the event other than in the POS brochure or on the POS website.

We shall hold your information for 2 years after registration and thereafter non identifiable information only e.g. type of membership, whether advert, sponsor, business, and craft for statistical purposes.