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I love making colourful and quirky fused glass homeware! Come and see a large selection with prices starting at just £5. There’s clocks, coasters, bowls, dishes, lanterns, tealight holders, framed pictures and ornaments to name but a few! You can also have a look at my studio and hear a bit about the fusing process!

Ritzy Glass

Bold and colourful abstracts inspired by the natural environment and all the wonders of the outdoors. The works are done, hopefully, in one sitting with masses of background sketches, photographs and on location monochrome (usually Prussian blue) paintings for reference. The aim is to convey the actual moment of – time -scene – light – feeling – image. All paintings are originals and one offs, there are no prints or reproduced images ever made or available, therefore all the works are unique and never to be repeated. You are very welcome to come to the Moulin Hall and enjoy a full range of paintings and drawings from small Bristol board paper paintings all the way through to large framed canvasses.


The Kiln Creative pottery makes simple functional wares made for everyday enjoyment. All my pottery is handmade, thrown on the potters wheel and fired to stoneware in my kiln. I enjoy making pottery using traditional techniques with a modern design; I hope my pieces add a bit of calm to the users busy day. I have my wheel in my studio looking out into beautiful countryside and the kettle will be on; please come by and say hello!

The Kiln Creative