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Did you ever get the feeling that there’s a book of “Appropriate and Acceptable Behaviour” that you don’t have access to? Or the, “Well we wouldn’t want to do that now would we?” book? Someone with a greyish beige face with lethally sensible shoes has a dungeon of them somewhere and won’t let us have a peek. So….. I invented my own stories. I sketch, I draw, I plan then print and voila – a stick story emerges with loads of curious behaviour from our human species. So please visit my quirky Riverlodge, sit on the balcony and watch life go by. Oh I also sell prints and cards and take commissions too. I look forwards to hearing your story…

Saira Acosta Diaz

I am a painter and printmaker who specialises in large oil and acrylic paintings of Scottish landscapes. I produce smaller watercolour paintings and drawings. I am inspired by the beautiful beaches in the Outer Hebrides and the familiar landscapes and wildlife in Fife. My current body of work ranges from large framed oil paintings to small water colours and tonal ink wash and pencil drawings.

Naoimh O’Shea

I’m a printmaker, photographer and designer. My printmaking tends to be one off monoprints often utilising other media. My photography is varied from digital to historic processes and polaroid, often using some work in creation of monoprints. Come and see my work, and my studio where some of the work is created.

Sheila Borthwick

I have a studio (202) at Perth’s Creative Exchange which I share with my wife Evelyn. I am a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and the areas I work in are Painting, Printmaking and Collage. I am a member of the SSA and a Professional Member of VAS. As well as contributing to their exhibitions I have also exhibited in the annual exhibitions of the RSA and RSW.

Richard White

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I won’t be able to participate this year. Apologies for any disappointment.
I am a landscape artist who paints the Scottish landscape and Venice in oils and pastels. I would love you to visit my studio where I will display a selection of my paintings, digital images and postcards.

Luisa Ramazzotti

We print specifically for creatives. Our business is one of the few which has been designed to cater for the needs of artists, photographers and creatives. We understand the time and effort put into every piece of work so we take the time at our end to ensure your work is reproduced to the highest quality. Come to our studio and have a look at our equipment, papers and other substrates we work with. You can see examples of work we’ve produced, browse our papers, and ask questions about what we can do for you and your business.

Craigrossie Printing