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Ayton Clothing is a sustainable fashion brand featuring linen and cotton dresses in sweeping shapes.  Designer Aileen Sherry is part of the slow fashion movement and often hand prints the fabric with textured detail. She is passionate about producing clothing using ethically sourced fabrics with stylish designs which are comfortable, stylish & hard-wearing.  You can find Aileen in her studio at Creative Exchange Perth where you can browse the Ayton Clothing sample collection and orders can be taken.

Ayton Clothing

I am a textile artist, living and working from a studio in my house in Aberfeldy in Highland Perthshire From childhood I have been a lover of fabric and threads but the City & Guilds Creative Embroidery course at Dundee took my interest to a different level. A total immersion in design, colour and texture using traditional and contemporary techniques drew me in so far that now there is no escape! I am fascinated by the layering of our landscape and the juxtaposition of colour and texture in rock, heather and water using hand dyed semi-translucent fabrics enables me to give an impression of what I see and the simple stitching gives definition and adds texture. I have exhibited with the Society of Badenoch and Strathspey Artists, Creative Cairngorms and Fortingall Arts. I am also a member of Broderie Alba which has exhibited around Scotland.

Christine Macintyre

Right in the heart of Blairgowrie where the High Street meets Allan Street is Alba Bella Gallery. Alba Bella Gallery and Gift shop sells local Artist’s work, high quality Arts, Crafts and giftware either made in Scotland, the U.K. or from sustainable/fair trade sources abroad.   Alba Bella is not just a gallery though, it is a place of creativity. It is an artist led gallery, workshop and teaching venue where skills are shared and taught.   Clodagh and Tracy run workshops and classes in pottery, sculpture, screen printing and mixed media. Clodagh is a retired art and design teacher and Tracy a potter and a holistic therapist.   Clodagh exhibits her own work in sculpture and mixed media along with other hand made objects such as pottery, jewellery and screen prints made in the gallery workshop. At various times there are demonstrations taking place, along with mini workshops in ceramics and screen printing at various times of the day.   Please see the website / Facebook for further details.  

Alba Bella Art Gallery

My artwork includes 3d sculptural wall art in Harris Tweed, upcycled and re-upholstered furniture, painted lamp bases and lampshades, decoupaged scallops or furniture, felt jewellery and sculptures in air dry clay. I love trying new techniques and testing my skills with new challenges. I established my gallery Artisanand in 2014 in Aberfeldy, I have a workshop in the back so I can make use of my time when not serving customers. In September, as part of the Open Studios Festival, our exhibition will include myself and two other artists who also work days in the gallery, exhibiting and demonstrating the techniques they use to create their artwork. The three include Marianne Dey painter (landscapes, abstracts and printmaking), Lorna Radbourne glass artist (whose studio is called “Catriona Studio” creates stained, painted and fused glass in everything from sculptures to jewellery) and me, Angela Thomson, textiles and furniture (Harris Tweed 3d art, upcycled furniture, decoupage, candles and felted jewellery). During the Festival all three of us will be working in the gallery, we’ll be making time to either demonstrate or discuss the techniques we use at 11am and 1pm each day. Saturday – Lorna & Marianne Sunday – Angela & Marianne Monday – Angela & Lorna Tuesday – Angela Wednesday – Angela & Lorna Thursday – Angela Friday – Lorna & Angela Saturday – Angela & Marianne Sunday – Lorna & Angela Having the gallery allows me to exhibit my art along with the art of other emerging and established Perthshire artists. We offer an eclectic and quirky selection of artwork in many media, including lots of 3D, in a light and bright gallery space, the front of which is entirely glass, the artwork is the focus and there is room to stand back and enjoy.  

Angela Thomson @ Artisanand

Fellow artist Sheila Messenger and I have exhibited together many times in the past, we’re using Sheila’s studio where you’ll be able to see my paintings and textiles. There is a chance to see the inside of a working artists studio and discuss techniques used while watching an artist in situ. There will be a range of works by both of us and we’d pleased to have you visit.

Sheila Martin

This year I will be exhibiting in a lovely riverside venue in Dunkeld. I paint atmospheric landscapes with an emphasis on light and pattern. Figures, wild swimmers, animals and birds sometimes make an appearance. My landscape paintings involve work in many layers of paint: some translucent some thicker and more opaque, and these are often wiped back or dissolved to reveal details and patterns beneath; resulting in a rich and intriguing surface. I also work in textiles. There will be a selection of small gift items: jewellery, handmade notebooks and sketchbooks and bags.

Karin Borland

Perth, the home of the College of Master Kilt Tailors (CMKT)  became the first city in the UK to be named as a UNESCO City of Craft and Folk Art. The College was one of four arts to front the successful application. Marion Foster is one of Scotland’s few remaining kilt tailors who focus on the craft of tailoring as opposed to carrying out a process or manufacturing. Marion’s creative business is “Askival of Strathearn” and she founded “The College of Master Kilt Tailors” in 2021 when the training course was successfully awarded accreditation. After years of developing her tailoring knowledge and skills, creating kilts to the very highest standards, Marion recognised that the craft, knowledge, methodology, and processes that she had meticulously mastered over many years were endangered and must be safeguarded. If this were to happen it would be a devastating blow to Scotland’s cultural landscape and legacy.  Passing on an intangible heritage craft is not an easy achievement, especially when many aspiring kilt tailors are descended from the Scottish diaspora spread across the world and treasure their heritage.  Using her experience from her previous professional lives, she had the transferable knowledge and skills she can pass on the craft in an efficient, accessible, and affordable way which she calls “The 3 Ways”. In setting up the College, her hope and belief are that by offering this type of training, resulting in accreditation to demonstrate their achievement and mastery combined with membership of The College of Master Kilt Tailors, students will be entitled to carry the protected mark, Member of the College of Master Kilt Tailors (MCMKT).   Tourist group interactive workshops – “The Tartan and The Kilt’s Story” – can be arranged.   
  1. The Tartan and the Cloth 
*Discover the origins of the tartan, the relics discovered and reproduced, the “fall and rise” of the tartan, and how it is associated with the Scottish heritage. *Learn about the influences that affected the tartan and the kilt *Find out about the Tartan and the Kilt in action, the part it played in the Highland Regiments. What was it like to wear during the extreme conditions? *Tartan today – nationally and internationally. *The Tartans – Look at, touch, and discuss Learn about the tartan cloth, range and variations of tartans; the different weights of cloth; and clan setts which are available in different styles and use of colours. *See how versatile and magical the tartan can be in the art of kilt tailoring and in tartan design.  
  1. The Kilt 
The Evolution of the Kilt *From the: saffron shirt, great and little kilt,  The Art and Craft of the traditional tailored kilt  *Safeguarding the Endangered Craft of Kilt Tailoring *Understand the different types of kilt constructions for the different markets i.e. bespoke tailored kilt, “made to measure”, and manufactured kilt. *The traditional plaids worn with the kilt *The Tartans – Look at, touch, and discuss: Kilt tailoring and why it is constructed the way it is; the maths; the theory, the intuition; the variations of pleating *How to tell a well-made tailored kilt and how it should fit.

Askival of Strathearn

We are an artist-run gallery in a row of historical cottages. We host an eclectic mix of contemporary Scottish sculpture, paintings, glass, ceramics, wood, metal, mosaic, textiles and much more. Beyond the main exhibition space we have 5 working studios, with an additional large workshop/event space. We have something to suit most tastes and budgets and its an opportunity to purchase something that is not mass produced whilst supporting the creative community. There is a Cafe and Gin Tasting within 100 yards, woodland walk and its a short stroll to Glamis Castle. Well behaved dogs welcome!

Glamis Gallery

Come and see us at our workshop / shop where We make Jewellery and Bespoke, Fascinators and Textiles. We have an extensive range of cards, prints, ceramics and textiles created by artists based around Dunkeld, alongside locally grown plants and a large selection of windfallen wood. Commissions and orders can be taken for jewellery, fascinators and wood products.

Kat ‘n’ Kat – Made in Dunkeld