Our Team

POS is a Community Interest Company and the Board of Directors consists of: Heather Budge-Reid, Sybil Galbraith and Marion Foster.



Heather Budge-Reid

I’ve been amazed by how brilliant POS is and how much goodwill there is among the Perthshire arts communities. POS now stands on the shoulders of 14 years of peoples’ hard work. However, in an ever-changing world, we have much to do to build on the past and be fit for the future.

I can offer my wholehearted support and energy – I hope I have big ears for listening and big hands for doing. Starting out in communications, production and planning, and then on to international development work (specialising in creating social change, public health and health systems, mainly in Africa), more recently I was CEO of a non-profit organisation for five years.

I’ve held a number of Board positions for non-profit organisations. A large part of my work has involved professionalising organisations through training and facilitation approaches such as strategic planning, fundraising, mission statements, monitoring and evaluation, public speaking, financial management, campaigning, and managing volunteers.

I am a nature photographer and recycling artist. If you would like to know more about what I think and do, please visit my website – Rainbows and Brown String – where you can learn about my motivations!


Sybil Galbraith

My interest in joining the team of POS is that it creates an opportunity for artists and makers to promote their skills and talents to a wider audience and to have their work recognised and appreciated.

I come originally from South Africa where I obtained a BA HED at Pretoria University, and then later at Art and Design College in Johannesburg as a full time student for 3 years with my main interest in Ceramics.

When I moved to Scotland I set up my own work shop restoring antiques for 25 years.

My interest in Art led me to join the Kinross and District Art Club, where I have enjoyed involvement as Secretary, Vice Chair and in the planning and hanging of our annual Art exhibition.


Marion Foster

My career background includes being a radiographer and delivering healthcare business management and training. Unchanged: My career background includes being a radiographer and delivering healthcare business management and training.

I am now a bespoke kiltmaker with a focus on the craft of tailoring. Having recognised that the traditional and specialist craft of kilt making is disappearing, it is now even more important to record and preserve the knowledge and skill required. I am enthusiastic about raising its profile, informing and passing on my knowledge and skills through different training media.

I have been a member of POS for 7 years and as treasurer, I play my part in the running of this wonderful organisation as others have before me, thus enabling me to enjoy and benefit from all that POS offers.

Team members

Ross Ormerod

I’m a sporran and leatherworker to trade, based at Perth Creative Exchange.

I began my career in engineering which stood me in good stead to go into printing and production. Craigrossie Printing was born during lockdown due to other print companies in the local area being closed. I am regularly upgrading our equipment and services and love a challenge! The best part is meeting new people and learning about their inspiration, journey and techniques.

I am delighted to be part of the Perthshire Open Studios team.

Louise Ormerod

Louise Ormerod

As a small child I have always loved art and craft. Learning how to sew with my Gran, making crochet swans along with trying out knitting, embroidery and painting.

My parents guided me into a career in sales & marketing which has now been my remit for over 20 years. This career is coming to an end in November 2022 which I’m very excited about as it has opened doors for me with new opportunities.

I’m delighted to be involved with marketing for Perthshire Open Studios as this marries up my skills with my favourite pastime – Art!

Angela @ Artisanand

Angela Thomson

Owner of Artisanand gallery in Aberfeldy since its creation in 2014, after a career in management consultancy and finance across the UK, the Far and Middle East.

Angela curates the exhibitions, constantly seeking new artists for her contemporary gallery which has become known for its quirky conceptual pieces in many media. She features established and emerging artists, mainly local, although anyone who fits the ethos is welcome. She also runs a framing service from the gallery.

Aware of the challenges facing artists, particularly emerging talent, she works with artists offering advice on opportunities beyond the gallery, sales channels, pricing, digital selling, advertising, etc.

The Production Team

Putting together all the elements of a major event involves not only volunteers but also contracted experts. We have an excellent team of professionals employed by the committee to achieve this.

Brochure and all printed materials: Iain Lauder, Strategic Design Consultant, IL DESIGN 07880 502819

Other individuals and organisations who help us:

George Bosworth and Muriel Fegan at The Bield  who are eternally flexible in helping us to achieve the best possible showcases for our artists’ work.