Image Guide

Resizing Images

On an Apple Laptop or Desktop for example – simply open your images in preview – got to Tools and adjust the pixels size as required. You can also re-name your image with your venue name and title – see second image.

It is much harder to re-size on an iPad,or iPhone. You can email it to yourself and reduce the size . . . in this case use the largest size and we can re-size it for you if necessary.

Sending images from your iPad or iPhone

How to select the size of image you want to send.

A. From an iPad
1. From your photos, select the one you want to send. Tap the ‘send’ icon which is a little blue box with an arrow pointing upwards.
2. Your selected photo will appear with a little blue tick on the bottom right hand corner of the image.
3. Now select and tap the blue and white ‘Mail’ icon.
4. Your photo will appear in a ‘New Message’ frame and on the right hand side of the ‘Cc/Bcc, From’ line, the word ‘images: xxxMB’ appears. (or kb if your image size is less than a MB) Tap on this.
5. Up comes a selection of sizes for your image. You can choose from Small, Medium, Large or Actual size. Tap on the size you want, then complete the form and press send!

B. From an iPhone
1. 2 and 3 same as for the iPad
4.  Your photo will appear in a ‘New Message’ frame and you now need to fill in the To, From or Cc/Bcc lines and the subject (usually your own address goes in there via autofill)
5. Tap on the send icon (Blue circle with a white arrow) on the top right of the screen. Up pops a list of sizes for you to choose from: Small, Medium, Large and Actual size.
6. Choose the size you want and the email will be sent at that size.

In both cases download to your camera role and note where they are.

Altering an image size (number of Pixels) in Microsoft Office Picture Manager
1. Open up your photo in Microsoft Picture Manager
2. Click on Edit Pictures in the icon on the toolbar above the image.
3. A menu will appear on the right hand side of the image. Click on Resize, just below Change picture size
4. Another menu appears with 4 choices. Choose ‘Percentage of original width x height’

The little box will show 100% and you can increase or decrease  the number of pixels by using the little arrows at the side.

Once you have set it to the desired number of pixels on the long side, click on OK, then File Save as and give your image a slightly different name, i.e. if it was Image 1 make it Image 1a, otherwise it will refuse to save the image with the same name because you have altered the image.

Finally, when you go to shut down Microsoft Picture Manager it will ask if you want to save the changes you have made. Click on NO. This means you will have your original image untouched and you will have created a copy which has the number of pixels that you wanted.

There are various re-sizing image apps available – Google ‘best apps for re-sizing images . . .