POS lives on!

July 13, 2022

POS lives on!

Perthshire Open Studios (POS) is a wonderful event that has been built by wonderful people to benefit the artists of Perthshire.

Without the enormous effort, and even sacrifice, of those who built POS over the last 10 years it would not exist. POS has seen year on year growth and is now too big for a volunteer board to run and fundraise for. To protect POS going forward, we need to evolve the organisation to the next level. I am particularly grateful to Sybil Galbraith, as Company Secretary, and Marion Foster as Treasurer for staying on and working so hard to maintain continuity.

So, rumours of the death of POS have been greatly exaggerated – we are not dead, we are taking time to listen to what artists want going forward, to fundraise and address the structure of POS the organisation and the event itself. Recent changes to our world have created a different landscape for POS – for artists and visitors alike. From technology improvements and Covid-19, to the emergence of other artist-focused events and organisations, and of course we all face environmental and financial concerns.

It is hard for people to think, consult and act for the future of POS when caught in the demanding cycle of POS events. The need for a tip-top website and brochure means budgeting, fundraising, sponsorship and advertising are going to have to be at the centre of the organisation in the coming years. For these reasons, there is a need for a pause in the annual routine of POS.

So, we have a quorate board and a group of other supporters who work together to form the POS Pause Team. We need to hear what it is that the artists of Perthshire want POS to be in 2023. We will be surveying what artists want and need in the coming months. POS could stay the same but with different resources, or there are different forms of Open Studio events across Scotland. There are lots of other ideas around that we could mix and match from, for example an artist’s trail or the famous Spring Fling ideas that make income easier to raise. With a new structure and funding to match it might be possible to support more events, with greater frequency and with wider collaborations. The aim of POS will be the same – to support Perthshire artists.

So watch this space, and if you have any ideas, or just want to keep up-to-date, you can contact us at info@perthshireopenstudios.com or follow us on social media – see our website at http://perthshireopenstudios.com.

Heather Budge-Reid
Chair, Perthshire Open Studios