We have had to change the registration system to account for changes in the options available this year. We’re not collecting all the information needed for the different activities at this initial stage (no images just yet!) and the process is a bit different from previous years.

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Below is a five-step diagram of the process. If you’re stuck or there is anything you are not sure about, do email us at or use the online form. I’m a volunteer and I’m usually available during office hours, and I promise I will get back to you.

POS registration process diagram

Registration Information

Upcoming member events

Exhibition of POS members’ work

1st–8th July 2023: An exhibition at Birnam Arts of work for sale by POS members.

POS Perthshire Creative Trail launch & exhibition

21st April 2023: The Perthshire Creative Trail will be launched with an evening event at The Bield and the opening of an exhibition of work for sale by Trail participants from from 21st–26th April.

POS Open Studios Festival dates & exhibition

6th–11th September 2023: The Open Studios Festival will run over the second weekend in September, from Wednesday to Monday.
The Festival will be launched at The Bield with an evening event and an exhibition of participants’ work for sale from 6th–11th September 2023.