Why we do this

POS is a registered Community Interest Company

POS was incorporated for the following purposes on 18/02/2015:

  • To promote public awareness of art, artists and makers within and surrounding the region of Perthshire.
  • To make the arts more accessible to the public.
  • To organise an open studios event, at least once a year.

The economic impact of POS

Even in difficult times, POS has had a positive impact.

  • Visitor numbers. In 2021, despite COVID-19, the estimated number of visitors was 12,738, with an average of 89 per venue. Unsurprisingly, this was down from the 2019 approximate visitor figures, which were 15,534  in total with an average of 110 per venue.
  • Sales to artists. In 2021, based on median average sales per venue of £1,109, the total for all 143 venues is estimated at £158,645. By comparison, 2019 approximate sales for 140 venues were £145,180, with an average of £1,037 per venue.

Purpose, aims and objectives

The overall purpose of POS is to contribute to:

  • Strengthening the economic, cultural, tourism and heritage environments throughout Perthshire.

To make this contribution, POS aims to:

  1. Increase the number of residents and visitors contact, and engagement with, Perthshire Artists through a ‘Meet the Maker’ focus to activities.
  2. Increase the number of residents and visitors who get a sense of place through traveling around Perthshire and ‘Seeing the Inspiration’.
  3. Strengthen Artists marketing skill base.
  4. Increase cooperation and support between individual artists and Perthshire-focused organisations.

The objectives of POS are to:

  1. Organise and promote an all-year-round Perthshire Creative Trail.
  2. Organise and promote an Open Studios Festival in Perthshire that supports economies of scale.
  3. Develop marketing/promotional skills of POS members and their access to the benefits of membership.
  4. Endeavour to work in coordination with other organisations with similar goals.